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Hey, We want YOU…

We are looking for passionate believers in Jesus Christ  wino  love working with  the youth  of  Quebec.

Do you have a love of kids, youth, families, Jesus Christ , God  and just can’t wait to impact people with your positive energy ?

The ideal candidate is grounded in faith and believes  in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Prospective candidates should be a member of a local church with good standing and within a known Christian denomination.  The candidate must have a love of  youth and project the hope of Jesus Christ to them  in  words, intentions, instructions  and actions. You Pray daily to God for strength, understanding, discernment, and continued Joy for yourself and everyone  around you. Part of your makeup is the ability to listen very well, show compassion, forgiveness, grace and project all  the attributes  of  Jesus Christ.

If this is YOU,  go to out Contact Us page and connect  with  us.   You can  also look at  the  jobs in Quebec at  our link below.

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