Annie Heron

Music Program Coordinator
La Corde

Annie Heron

Annie’s Interests

Books: When Helping Hurts, Radical Together, Persuasion, The Lord of the Rings
Music: Jon Bryant and Twenty-one Pilots
Church: Hudson Community Baptist Church
Hobbies: Travelling, music, acting, hiking, camping, and eating Belgian chocolate
Faith heroes: Mother Teresa, Brother Andrew, William Carrey, David Livingstone and Lorne Heron

Annie’s Story

Looking back on my life, it affirms that my heart’s desire is to serve God through my gifts and passions in full-time ministry.

Ten years old singing “I am a small part of the world” along with a dozen other kids representing at least eight different nationalities. My experiences living in Belgium and attending an international church fostered a deep, inexpressible love for the global church.

Eighteen years old performing a German masterpiece, Ein Deutsche Reqiuem, at Carnegie Hall. Experiences such as this led me to obtain my BA in Music from Briercrest College in which I found my call to create music and to enable others to do so as well.

Twenty years old in a Mumbai slum in India observing the vibrantly-dressed yet poverty-stricken children with beautiful faces and hungry eyes thanking God for their daily meal. It was during my time in India that I became deeply burdened for children, longing to create opportunities for them to experience hope.

Summer of 2015, standing in the back of a room full of youth from Montreal worshiping God with total passion and brokenness. As I watched the youth rededicating their lives to Christ, I was struck with the urgency that God was calling me to minister to the youth in Quebec.

These few snippets of my life journey are important because they have prepared me to fill the needs at La Corde as music program coordinator. Through it, I will create opportunities for youth to express themselves with freedom and joy while exposing them to its true source found in Christ.

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