David Tracy

Director of Ministries

David Tracy

David’s Story

As I went through engineering school in University, I wanted to know how things in the world worked and spent over 20 years in engineering and manufacturing; identifying and improving systems and processes. At the same time, growing up in a big family, I loved working with young people and I spent many summers working as a camp counselor. My heart for young people has always been important and is one of the reasons why I got involved in youth ministry at my local church over 16 years ago.

Today, these two aspects of my life have intersected, my management and engineering abilities and my heart for working with youth. I love the challenge of solving problems and envisioning new possibilities. I really believe God wants to use me to help the Montreal Youth Unlimited (MYU) ministry develop and become more effective, in order to have a lasting impact on the youth of Quebec.

I would love to see the youth of Quebec realize their full-life potential, following Jesus and discovering God’s unique purpose for their lives. As a husband and father of three amazing children, my heart breaks for the fatherless in our communities. My heart is to see the next generation grow up to be great fathers and mothers, being responsible, leading lives of depth, seeking to help others and serving God in their communities. I believe God has called me out of my professional career to be a catalyst in a new career of transformation in the lives of young people through Youth Unlimited.

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