Katie McKay

Katie McKay

About Katie

God has given me a desire to share His love with the youth of the Châteauguay Valley. Because of the small church populations in the area, I believe the task of nourishing the youth on their journey is often overlooked. My heart is to see youth come to know Jesus better and find His love and grace and a true relationship with Him.
My own personal experiences growing up in the Châteauguay Valley and through my journey in faith have helped me to recognize the importance of having someone available to offer guidance. I have been blessed on my own journey with people who helped me to build a strong foundation in Christ. Gods call on my life to help people has always been present and I am excited to see what He has in store as I join with the MYU team. Working with Teddy and Linda through Station 7-MYU in Châteauguay, I am constantly seeing Gods love and provision and cannot wait to see what will be achieved in extending this message of hope out to reach even more teens.

Katie’s Story

Through all of life’s ups and downs, God’s love has been a constant. I know that I’m never alone.

I grew up in the Châteauguay Valley, and as a teenager and as a young adult I remember struggling. I struggled with not having two parents at home; I struggled trying to fit in throughout high school and later, into the world. I struggled as a girl searching for love, and I struggled with always feeling empty. However, I also remember a turning point. I realized I had been running away from God, but I knew that I couldn’t make it without Him. I knew what I had to do. I remember praying, “Lord, I need you. Take my life and use it”. I believe it was from that moment on that God began to change me. I have found confidence I never thought I’d have. I found a voice where I used to be shy. I found a love that filled where I was empty.

I realize there are many others growing up in similar situations. My vision is to reach out to the youth of the Châteauguay Valley, sharing with them the love and peace God has for them. If the youth of this generation are tended to and strengthened, what kind of waterfall effect could they have on the future generations of the Châteauguay Valley?

Courage will follow when faith takes the lead.

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