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Stepping Stones After School Program

Terra Nova is excited to announce its launching of an after school program! One of the many problems created by COVID-19 is an education gap as well as a social gap. Terra Nova Youth Centre will be stepping in, offering a program where elementary aged children will be able to come experience homework help, fun activities, and good conversations. The program is being run by myself, Stephanie Heron, under the supervision of camp director Jason Brereton. Following all safety regulations recommended by the Gouvernement du Quebec, our goal is to help children succeed in academics as well as feel excited about life amidst the pandemic.


One of the many problems created by Covid-19 is an education gap. Learning from behind a screen, though practical in Covid times, is extremely impractical for a child's learning and development. Children need social interaction, individual intervention, and direct guidance. This is where Terra Nova Youth Centre will be stepping in. This fall, we will be offering a unique after school program for elementary aged children. By attending the Stepping Stones After School Program, your child will benefit from amusing activities, homework help/tutoring, and safe social interaction. The program is run by an experienced Day Camp Head Monitor and early childhood education student.


Stepping Stones After School Program wishes to help the community as best as it can by meeting families where their needs are, in our best ability, using the resources we have been given. We wish to make families and children feel welcomed, seen, and loved while aiding with homework. We wish to build children's understanding of their work, but also of their purpose. We want children and families to feel seen and important. This would be our way of helping where we can in what can be, in a very stressful season. Parents who are hesitant to send their children to school or who’s child may be struggling with the academic material, can send their child to this program for help with studies, mentoring, life talks, and fun. We wish to make a stressful season easier on the parents and the children, all while pointing them in the direction of their Saviour.

Safety measures

All children aged 10 and up will be required to wear a mask. Social distancing rules will be in place, and children will not be sharing studying materials. Snacks provided will be sealed and untouched by staff. We ask that parents wear masks when picking up their children.

What will be provided

  • Tutors
  • Games and activities
  • Snacks
  • B.L.A.S.T.
  • Extra study materials
  • Chromebooks for online work (shared)

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